Can’t add custom DNS records types after pointing domain’s name servers to O365

August 15, 2020 | by iaur | posted as Failure, Microsoft 365


  • You can’t add A record for your website routing
  • You can’t add custom DNS records type to Admin Center

This normally happened if you have only PartialRedelegation upon adding your domain. We need to change this to FullRedelegation especially if the NameServer is pointed to Microsoft 365 so that we can add other records like records for your website. 


  • Go to M365 portal > Settings > Domains.
  • Select the domain and click manage DNS.
  • Click on more option and choose “Set up my online services for me”.
  • Click continue until you reach to this page.
  • You can now add the IP address of the website during the set up.
  • Complete the set up and go back to manage the domain to see if you have a capability to add custom DNS types

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