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Clearing Teams Cache

June 26, 2021 | by iaur | posted as Failure, Teams (formerly S4B)


If you are having problem with the app being slow, pictures won’t load, some features aren’t working, and or maybe it isn’t working in Teams, clearing teams cache is a way to go.

Mac OS

How to delete Teams cache on Mac

  1. Quit Teams

2. Open a terminal and type:

rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams

3. Relaunch the app

Windows OS

Logoff and cache folders

Signing out of the app will clear most cached data. However, if you still have issues after logoff/logon, Quit Teams and manually clear cached folders

Moreover, note that you may not have all of the same folders, but it’s imperative to clear the cache in the folders that you do have if you’d like to have the local desktop issue cleared and resolved.

Access the Run in your Windows OS then go through each path below and delete the files or folders inside.

Clearing Teams Cache
App Cache 

%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Application Cache

App files, cached CDN files ( JS,CSS, etc ) Locations




Web Cache for Electron (Images, JS files, Cookies, Profile Photos)




This data is completely cleared on logoff. The levelDb database, Messages, Groups




web Local Storage ( Setup for O365 Sites )


Restart Teams

In addition, once finally done clearing, you can now restart Teams from your desktop and all cache will be cleared from the desktop app.



Media-stack – Media Etls, and logs
Cookies – First Time Launch, Theme, session IDs
Settings.json – Electron framework Settings ( Ring, Logging, Framework, Auth )
Desktop-config.json – App state (Desktop) [Fullscreen, Run at start, Last Crash Type)

Teams on the web

Lastly, unless you have the Desktop app installed, you shouldn’t see cache in the places above.

Clearing browser cache by the appropriate way per browser should achieve the same goals as above.


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