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File Sharing over an Offline Network

January 4, 2020 | by iaur | posted as Configuration, Windows

Here is what you need to do. In this example we’ll share a file to one machine.

  1. Make sure you have administrator access to both machines.
  2. Server service should be enable on both machines.
  1. Connect both machine using one Ethernet cable and wait for them to acquire an IP address.
  1. On the target machine, create and share a folder to “Everyone” with read\write permission level.
  1. Get the IP address of the target machine.
  2. On the host machine, access the target machine by using Run.

Windows + R

Type in “\\targetmachineIP

  1. Below windows will appear and it will allow you to transfer any files to from the host to the target machine.

Since it is over a LAN cable(Ethernet), transfer rate is much faster compared, to shared drive, cloud drive, etc.,.

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