Hire me!

Got an IT related problems and want a fresh eyes to remediate it? Or maybe have a Grandma that you’d like to help build a website with for her small business? Hire me, I’m cute.

How credible?

This medium and its content that you see in your little browser has been built, sorted, and coded from scratch. Furthermore, the effort to get to this point requires a great deal of perseverance and some experience.

Also to get to know me better, a LinkedIn profile will be available upon request.

How can I help?

I do this during my downtime and update my website from time to time. So I guess it safe to say that I’ll return your query in the next 24-48 hours.

Should you have one, email us.

Yes! I do Fiverr.

Below are links (yet to be embedded) that is connected to my Fiverr gigs. If you feel that I’m credible enough for a side hustle. Feel free to order.

Windows Optimization & Intrusion Recovery https://www.fiverr.com/share/8y2vyq

Handy-dandy section.

Indexing soon…..