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Installing using ODT

July 25, 2017 | by iaur | posted as Apps, Microsoft 365


  • You wants to install office 365 suite on a terminal server(Windows)
  • Getting error below upon opening apps
Machine generated alternative text:
Microsoft Excel 
Thi S COPY Of Mi Offce 2016 Car-mt be used a computer running Terminal Services TO Office 2016 on a 
Sewiæs, a of Offi«_



  • Download ODT and save it to desktop
  • Edit in NotePad the configuration.xml file with the code below

  <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Current">

    <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">

      <Language ID="en-us" />



  <!--  <Updates Enabled="TRUE" Channel="Current" /> -->

  <!--  <Property Name="AUTOACTIVATE" Value="1" />  -->

<Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />

<Property Name="SharedComputerLicensing" Value="1" />


Product ID = Depends on Cx subscription

Display Level & AcceptEULA = For the installation progress

Property Name = For Licensing
  • Elevate CMD as admin
  • Run below code for the installation
  • Change the to the desktop
cd /users/bernie.l.u.fernandez/desktop
  • download the data according to information in the configuration file
  • wait for the Office folder to reached about 1.5 GB
setup /download configuration.xml
  •  install/configure the Apps according to information in the configuration file
setup /configure configuration.xml
  • Open one of the Apps and sign in to activate


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