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MX record intermittently loses its IP or A records is missing

November 1, 2018 | by iaur | posted as Exchange Online, Mail Flow


  • Your tenant is unable to receive emails
  • Senders to your tenant is receiving NDR
  • When you use MX toolbox and found out that your MX does not resolve to an IP address

Re-add the domain

This method is applicable for new tenant or tenant that don’t have any active mailboxes and mail flows yet.

Re-trigger domain’s provisioning

Access the link below to re-trigger the DNS provisioning.

Use the workaround MX



Affected MX:

Workaround MX:

Before making any changes, it’s important to use nslookup or an internet web tools against the workaround MX to verify if it resolves to an IP address.

  • Run CMD as admin
  1. If it does not resolved to an IP, proceed to step 3
  2. If workaround MX resolves to an IP, proceed to use it as a workaround MX for your tenant to have temporary mail flow
  3. Contact Microsoft 365 support to escalate it to their backend team in order to correct the issue

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