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Refresh network settings for connectivity issues

June 22, 2015 | by iaur | posted as Failure, Windows

  • Ran CMD as an admin 
  •  Type in below one line at a time

Reset Firewall Settings back to default: 

netsh advfirewall reset

Reset Winsock stack back to default : 

netsh winsock reset

Reset Network proxy settings back to default :

netsh winhttp reset proxy

Retrieve new IP address:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
Reset TCP/IP stack   TCP/IP protocol can be corrupted. The TCP/IP protocol is a stack of 4 layers that includes several transport layers, but when this stack is corrupt you will constantly have connectivity issues.   Windows XP netsh int ip reset reset.log hit   Windows 7 netsh int ipv4 reset netsh int ipv6 reset

Flush DNS cache

ipconfig /flushdns

Reset the NetBios cache

nbtstat -R

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