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May 31, 2018 | by iaur | posted as Hybrid(EXO), M365 Migration

  • Exchange server with working mail flow(internal and external)
  • Exchange server accepted domain(vanity) should be set to Internal relay
  • Running DirSyc with Office 365
  • On the Prem, you need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure or procedures. To see what permissions you need, see the “Mailbox Move and Migration Permissions” section in the Recipients Permissions topic.
Mailbox movesOrganization Management Recipient Management
admin roles user roles 
Compliance Management 
Delegated Setup 
Discovery Management 
Help Desk 
Hygiene Management 
Organization Management 
Public Folder Management 
Recipient Management 
Records Management 
Security Administrator 
Security Reader 
Server Management 
UM Management 
Outlook Web App policies 
View-Only Organization Management 
Recipient Management 
Members of this management role grou 
Exchange organization. 
Assigned Roles 
Distribution Groups 
Mail Recipient Creation 
Mail Recipients 
Message Tracking 
Move Mailboxes 
Recipient Policies 
Team Mailboxes 
admin fs 
Managed By
  • Hybrid deployment is configured between your on-premises and Exchange Online organizations.
  • If you’re running Exchange 2013, make sure the Mailbox Replication Proxy Service (MRSProxy) is enabled on your on-premises Exchange 2013 Client Access servers.

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