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Step 2: Create Endpoints and Batches

April 13, 2018 | by iaur | posted as Cutover (EXO), M365 Migration

Create Migration Endpoints

> Go to EAC > Recipient > Migration

> Create Migration Batch by clicking the + icon. Choose Migrate to Exchange Online


> Choose the Cutover Migration. Click Next

> Fill the blanks:


Email Address: Any email address that you will migrate

Account with privieges: The enterprise/domain account of your onprem exchange server

Password: Password of the enterprise/domain account.

> Create the Migration Endpoints.


Exchange Server = the name of the Exchange Server. Check it by opening the Exchange Server > This PC or My Computer> Right click and check the FULL COMPUTER NAME

RPCProxyServer = their OWA url without the https. (Ex,


Add Migration Batch Name


Add any email address that will receive the error and select if you want to start the migration automatically or manually.

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