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Step 4: Configure HCW

May 31, 2018 | by iaur | posted as Hybrid(EXO), M365 Migration

  • Access ECP > Hybrid > click Configure under setup

The Wizard can be started from Exchange Admin Center (EAC) or ECP  by going to the “hybrid” tab.

Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard - downloading

Clicking on the “configure” button redirects you to the Office 365 login page. To continue, you have to enter your tenant’s global administrator credentials. By default, administrator’s login has the following format: In a few seconds, a page with a download link should appear:

Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard - download link
  • You should have this Wizard after the download, you should have the wizard version on the upper right side

his stage, the installation process should be completed, and a shortcut to the HCW should have appeared on the desktop. The Wizard should start automatically. If not, run it using the shortcut.

Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard 4
  • Click Next and tick the optimal Exchange server
Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard - choose hosting
  • Click Next and the on-premise exchange will be auto detected and you will need to type in the credential of your global admin account of your Office 365
Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard enter credentials
  • The wizard will go to a validation phase and option for you to enable Federation trust, enable it as prompted.

Federation Trust is a required feature for the full Hybrid deployment. It enables sharing calendar free/busy information within a Hybrid environment, between all users.

Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard - federation trust
  • After that, it will ask you to add a TXT record on your public DNS host to verify your domain ownership
O Office365 
Domain Ownership 
Office 365 
Before proceeding to the next step, copy the following tokens end create e TXT record for each token on 
your public DNS to confirm domain ownersh•p 
learn mare 
facereqonem.Fy•z Need TXT record 
copy to clipboard copy to notepad 
I have created a TXT record for each token in ONS 
give feedback 
TO ken 
  • Add the domain to your DNS host and check DNS global replication
h ttps // Whatsmyd xyz 
Global DNS Propogcation Ch€sker 
Reston VA united States 
New York NY. United States 
Q Search 
ms—as 8359227 
• NE 2xvy BE 2k 
inc2ude: spf. orotection. outlook. c 
  • After verifying, you will need to setup the mail transport for your hybrid setup

Choose the typical setup

O Office365 
Hybrid Configuration 
Office 365 Hytrid 
How do you want to configure your on-premises organization for secure bi-directional mad transport with 
your Exchange Online organization? 
learn more 
@ Configure my Client Access and Mailbox ser.'ers for secure moil transport (typicaE) 
Configure my Edge Transport Servers for secure mail transprt 
Adva nced— 
give feedback
  1. As a requirement for hybrid, you will need to have an SSL certificates for your server external links

Choose it for your secure mail transport and for the connectors (both directions)


O Office365 
Office 365 
Receive Connector Configuration 
Choose one or more on-premises Exchange Servers to host receive connectors for secure mail transport 
with Exchange Online. If you are using Exchange 2013 these servers must havethe Client Access Server 
learn mare 
give feedback


O Office365 
Office 365 Hs&d 
Send Connector Configuration 
Choose one or more on-premises Exchange Ser-vers to host send connectors for secure mail transport with 
Exchange Online, if using Exchange these must have the 
learn mare 
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O Office365 
Transport Certificate 
Office 365 
Choose a certificate to use with securing hybrid mail transport, 
learn more 
C N • • C•pp 
. s.'21,'20tg 
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  • Enter your organization FQDN
O Office365 
Organization FQDN 
Office 365 Hs&id 
Enter a fulb• qualified domain name for your on-premises organization. This will configure the outbound 
mail to route mail from the Online protection service to on-premises 
Org anization. 
For example: mail feceres.onemxyz 
mail, fac eres 
give feedback
  • Finally, click the Update button and complete the configuration
O Office365 
Ready for Update 
Office 365 Hs&id 
Your Exchange hybrid configuration settings are now complete. Click Update to configure and enable the 
hybrid features in Enterprise and Office 365 organizations, 
This process may take several minutes to complete. Please don't close the windcnv unless you want to 
cencel the process. 
give feedback
O Office365 
Office 365 
Hybrid services are configured Exchange Online in your Office 365 tenant and 
your on-premises Exchange environment 
How would you rate your experience? 
Let us kncnv What you liked or What We can do better. 
Include emailr 
Thank you for taking the time to send vs feedback! We may not respond to each piece of 
feedback. but work hard to make sure it is reviewed. 
p policy 
Open Exchange Shell 
Open Exchange Online PowerShell 
Open Log Fde 
Create Support Pack*— 
Open Logging Fodder 
Open Process F

Validating HCW configuration

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