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Step 4: Create a Send connector for Mail Flow

May 30, 2018 | by iaur | posted as Configuration(2016), Exchange Onprem

Scenario : Configure external DNS and internal DNS for mail flow (note: internal mail is already working at this point)

 Create a Send connector

Before you can send mail to the Internet, you need to create a Send connector on the Mailbox server. Do the following.

  • Open the EAC by browsing to the URL of your Mailbox server. For example, https://Ex2016MBX/ECP.
  • Enter your user name and password in Domain\user name and Password and then click Sign in.
  • Go to Mail flow > Send connectors. On the Send connectors page, click New 
Machine generated alternative text:
  • In the New send connector wizard, specify a name for the Send connector and then select Internet. Click Next.
Machine generated alternative text:
  • Verify that MX record associated with recipient domain is selected. Click Next.
  • Under Address space, click Add 

In the Add domain window, make sure SMTP is selected in the Type field. In the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) field, enter *. Click Save.

Machine generated alternative text:
  • Make sure Scoped send connector isn’t selected and then click Next.
  • Under Source server, click Add 

In the Select a Server window, select a Mailbox server. After you’ve selected the server, click Addand then click OK.

Machine generated alternative text:
  • Click Finish and Perform a test mail from Onprem to External
C Secure 
Concierge Program 
Outlook Mail 
Search Mail and People 
Sent Items 
Deleted Items 
Conversation History 
RSS Feeds 
ail/Junkem ail/rp 
Test Lab 
Office 365 Admin 
Exo Admin 
SFBO Admin 
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@ Newl 
Not junk 
test from OnPrem 
admin_fs <> 
Yesterday, 11:02 PM 
This message wuas identified as spam. spam 
You replied on 5/29/2018 11:09 PM. 
test from OnPrem

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