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July 10, 2020 | by iaur | posted as Failure, Microsoft 365


  • Domain was added to a shadow tenant – this normally happens you took ownership of the domain that was added to an abandoned tenant
  • The domain was used for free trial such as PowerBI, Windows Store, and Microsoft flow that by extension will create a temporary tenant for the domain
  • You are getting this error when you add the domain
    • <DomainName> has already been verified for your account, or for another Microsoft Online Services account.
    • Can’t verify the domain <DomainName> was already added to a different Office 365 account domain.onmicrosoft.com. Sign in to that account as an admin, and remove domain <DomainName>. Then come back here and try adding <DomainName> to this account again


“External” Admin Take Over (PowerShell)
  • Connect to the desired tenant
  • Create a new MSOL domain
new-msoldomain –name contoso.com
contoso.com is the target domain
  • Generate a TXT record for domain verification
Get-MsolDomainVerificationDns –DomainName contoso.com –Mode DnsTxtRecord
  • Add the TXT on the DNS Host and wait for replication. You can check the replication of the TXT record using this tool
  • Force the take over using this cmdlet
confirm-msoldomain –Domainname contoso.com –ForceTakeover Force
Confirm-MsolEmailVerifiedDomain -DomainName contoso.com
you may get an error from the second cmdlet that you can ignore
  • Go back to Admin Center and check the status of the domain verification
  • If persistent, you may need to contact Microsoft 365 support to get routed to their Data Protection team 

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