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Using Admin Center for IMAP Migration

November 27, 2017 | by iaur | posted as IMAP(EXO), M365 Migration


  • Users must be created already in Office 365.
  • Users must have an Exchange Online license
  • You must know the Username and password of the source mailboxes
  • Server settings of the source mailboxes.
  • Disable MFA
  • Enable IMAP settings
  • Allow less secure apps
  • Awareness that NO Calendar, Contacts and Tasks will be migrated. If you need these three, refrain from doing IMAP/Data migration.


  1. On the Office 365 Admin Center, click the Setup and choose DATA MIGRATION
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2. Select which server you came from:

> If  your domain is ending with choose Yahoo

> If your domain is ending with choose gmail

> If your domain is ending with choose outlook

> If your email is ending with choose hotmail

> If your domain is not mentioned above, choose OTHER EMAIL SOURCES…


Do not choose Exchange because it is Hybrid Migration.

If you want PST migration, follow the procedure here: PST MIGRATION USING AZ COPY TOOL

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3.1 If you choose either Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail just proceed to number 4.

3.2 If you choose the Other email services.

> Place the Server name, port and Security.

             Note: You can check some Server settings here:


                         If it is not there, you can check their Outlook settings or search it on google

> Enter any email address that has the same domain that you will going to transfer and its password.

> Click SAVE.

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4. Fill the Needed Information:

  • DISPLAY NAME: these are your users in Office 365. Put a check mark besides the name for the user you only want to migrate.
  • SOURCE EMAIL: these are the email addresses that you want to migrate
  • PASSWORD: Password of the source email.
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Once you start the migration, wait for the status to be “SYNCING”

To check if the migration has started, you should be able to see a Notification same as this one on  the upper right corner corner of your portal.

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6. Check the Details under the Exchange Admin Center

Go to Exchange Admin Center

On the recipient menu on the left panel > go to Migration

Click the migration batch that was automatically created

on the left panel, click the VIEW DETAILS to see the details.

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Wait until the Migration batch status to be SYNCED

7. Complete the Migration

> Once the migration status is Synced, you can tell the client to change the Mx records to be pointed in Office 365 (if it still not pointed). then after 24 hours, remove the migration batch in EAC> Recipient > Migration

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